Our 16-year company located in Rush, NY proudly serves our clients with....

sound knowledge of the local real estate market - supported by engineering expertise & honorable military service.

Helping You Make a Move!

It's not rocket science...

There are many decisions to make along the way to a real estate closing.

Whether you are selling or buying, these decisions need good information & knowledgeable advice.

We have the experience & expertise.

...but there is a lot at stake...

It's your money....your time.... your future.

It's a big deal!

Work with a reputable real estate company that you are comfortable with and can trust to represent your interests.

...and we know the business!

From the first interview all the way to the closing table, we will work with you at every step...

...making sure that you are kept up-to-date, your concerns are addressed and there are no ugly surprises. 

How We Help...

If you are selling, we will clearly review:

* Your timeline & expectations

* Our Internet marketing process

* The actual selling process (preparing the house, scheduling showings or open houses, buyer feedback, etc.)

* The purchase offer

* Your home's market value & estimated net proceeds 

If you are buying, let's talk about:

* Your timeline & expectations

* Financing options and the mortgage process

* Where you want to live and what kind of house

* Scheduling showing appointments

* The purchase & sale contract - key milestones & important contingencies

If it all sounds good to you, let's do business

* Our job is to meet your goals on your timeline.

* We communicate - you'll hear from us

*We do what we say we are going to do

* We use a proven group of mortgage brokers, attorneys & inspectors

* Let's get started with a frank discussion - no cost or obligation.